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This means an Analysis and Evaluation of a proposed Project to determine if it
  • is technically feasible.
  • is feasible within the Estimated Cost.
  • will be Profitable.
This means the Signify service is fully backed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in our contracts, so you are guaranteed the service you are specified
  • Our service is built upon a distributed and resilient infrastructure. We have Authentication Centers situated at sites in different geographical locations and use multiple ISPs per site. We have built redundancy into systems at every level in our data centers to ensure that we can guarantee reliability. All our data centers are ISO27001 certified.
  • We monitor service availability and performance 24 x 7 to ensure continuity of service. This enables us to proactively identify and quickly repair any issues with the service before they become service-affecting.
  • We have a dedicated team running the service, who are required to meet strict Operation Level Agreement (OLA) targets, ensuring the SLA is always met. The scope of our ISO27001 certification encompasses the security management processes of our entire service operation, at our Head Office and data centres.
This means they can upload data at the same fast speed at which they can can download data. This can be useful if staff need to…
  • Access their work PC’s desktops from home.
  • Send large files.
  • Upload sizable files to your web sites.
  • Backup data using online services.
  • Host web sites on a server at your office.
  • Use VoIP telephony.
This means a User-friendly assistance for individuals having technical problems with electronic devices. The technical support team is composed of individuals that are familiar with the ins and outs of a device. With this knowledge,
  • They are able to troubleshoot most problems that a user experiences.
  • Information on how to reach technical support is usually provided with the packaged materials included with a device.
  • Technical support may be provided over the phone, through email, or with a live-chat interface.

Digital Communication holds the key to success in this ‘digitised’ world. In order to thrive in this fiercely competitive world, communication can give you the distinct edge over your competitors. Empowering yourself with our solutions can help you stay at the top of your competition. Our value-driven and goal-oriented solutions can help you to integrate communications while maintaining a smooth flow of information across your geographically separated locations.

We offer a host of services in the networking and telecommunication domains that can assist you in increasing efficiency across different verticals. With our services you can be assured of optimizing your communication and you will experience a marked difference in information flow and communication.

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